On re-reading novels for life lessons, links, and Little Women Fan Fic

December 2022

A Little Princess on Advent hope, A mother-writer bio, and also some links!

August 2022

Come visit me in real life! Also- lots of links

July 2022

Pilgrimages, making homes of refuge, and the beauty of unintrusive whatsapp voice notes.

May 2022

On silver linings, hunting unironically for joy, and links!
Welcome to the Just Beautiful Newsletter where I write about making space for beauty and justice to meet, share about our journey from tinyhouse living…

March 2022

Beauty serving justice, the woman who married C.S. Lewis, Islamophobia, and HUGE tinyhouse news
L'Engle and Lewis on making art in war and life, and some great links

February 2022

A bonus newsletter with some Lenten links
The power of commiseration against the jungle of... well, life. Also lots of links!

January 2022

Hey. I’m sneaking into your inbox, just a mere 2 weeks late, and I’m feeling very guilty about it refusing to feel bad about it because I’ve been…

November 2021

Dorothy Day teaching me about being a mother/writer/activist, and being patient on day 175 of rain in a tiny house