“We would be contributing to the misery of the world if we failed to rejoice in the sun, the moon, and the stars, in the rivers which surround this island on which we live, in the cool breezes of the bay."

-Dorothy Day.

How can one engage in the frivolity and expense of beauty in the face of injustice? How do you reconcile the beauty of cathedrals with the death and slavery that went into making them? How do you make time for the quiet attention and contemplation required to create art in the midst of the urgent demands of poverty, exploitation, global warming, or your own children?

What does it look like to be an artist in a fallen world? Is there anything really beautiful, or is it all tainted? Can we even enjoy beauty, knowing there are people suffering?

If these are the questions that keep you up at night, this is the space for you. Welcome. I’m interested in finding and celebrating spaces where beauty and justice meet. I’m currently exploring what it looks like to make space for creativity in the midst of the limitations of motherhood and tinyhouse living. I’m excited to travel through history and around the world in order to help myself re-imagine what the intersection of beauty and justice can look like for me in this present moment.

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writes historical children's books & is on the hunt for spaces where beauty and justice meet. She lives in South Africa with her family. Also writes: mother-writers, liturgical living Southern Hemisphere, & L.M. Alcott